Hello, world!

I was holding onto this domain name for about a year, so I decided to do something with it.

I’ve never really been an avid reader of any blogs or anything, except for maybe for The Best Page in the Universe. I figured I’d make that point explicitly clear before we dive in, since in all probability there are no depths to the time-consuming boredom you’ll find in the ensuing entries.

I remember rolling a couple of my own blogs in the past.

The first came out when I’d finished writing a basic chatbot for Omegle, and I felt like elaborating on the meagre code to whoever was unfortunate to happen upon the domain. It was some finite state machine with simple keyboard and mouse automation, just to prove that I could. This example code would connect to a random stranger, have a little conversation, print "you're a douche" and promptly sign out.

Twelve years later, it seems like Omegle is now the number one meeting place for robots wishing to lure each other to ransomware under the guise of a raunchy photo library.

Time well spent.

The second, I tried to get a little smarter. I bought the domain Timing Violation, back when I was infatuated with digital logic design, and rolled out a basic database with some WYSIWYG editor for comments. Beaming, I raced into work to show my colleagues, only to find that some nefarious hacker had shrewdly discovered the database credentials I’d hidden plain as day inside the page source.

Here’s to hoping a decade of development later has improved things.

So, what is this?

Truth is, I need some output that isn’t programming; so even if it’s just about programming, that would be a start. I’ve spent the past two years of my life spending every waking moment writing code.

I mean, I’ve watched hot summers turn into freezing winters behind the periphery of my command line.

I’ll never argue that these weren’t some of the most interesting and prolific times in my development career, but damn, was it depressing and isolating. It also made me garner some strange habits, like refusing food, rest or basic hygeine until a problem was solved. Yes, this approach can and will get you a solution, but it’s a relentlessly unsustainable one.

I miss the time where I’d spend some time analysing problems, rather than constructing the entire surrounding architecture prior to realising there’s a core logical fallacy, or broken assumption.